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Hi, this is Matt Quistorf for Crazy Mo Guitar. I want to take a few moments and explain the philosophy behind our pricing structure.

Our ultimate goal is to help musicians invest their time into understanding the music theory behind the instrument. Many guitarists spend years studying theory, gaining a vast library of page-knowledge, without being able to apply 50% of that into their actual playing. I’ve designed every single lesson for Crazy Mo with three principles in mind:

1. No Busy Work

Everyone’s time is valuable and the last thing you want to do is throw that away on drills or lessons that really won’t do much for you.

2. Fret board Smart not Page Smart

Learn it. See it. I will teach you the material through our custom-designed video lessons which will allow you to visualize the concepts on the fret board; off the page and onto the neck.

3. Apply the Concepts

Play it. Every lesson is structured to walk you down a well-worn and tested path which will allow YOU to use that knowledge in whatever musical direction you’ve set goals for. Whether you are in a cover band and want to learn how to shift songs into different keys or a singer songwriter looking to branch out into a higher level of original material our lessons WILL help you.

With that being said our pricing is based on structured access to the videos. Our goal is to create the scenario where clients will NOT need private lessons while studying the material. A single series consists of nine videos each designed to have the content of a 30 minute lesson. For someone taking weekly private lessons that’s over two months of sessions for $26.95. As a client of Crazy Mo Guitar you will get lifetime access to your chosen video series which is included in that price. We hope that you’ll follow the path we’ve designed by going through the videos in the order provided without skipping around. Remember, the goal is to actually learn and internalise the lesson material so you can SEE IT and PLAY IT.

Also included in our pricing model is an invitation to a private Facebook group so you can ask us questions directly in case of any confusion with video material. We WANT you to succeed in learning the concepts of the lessons but we also don’t want you to throw away your time and money by purchasing a video package and having it sit around for weeks and weeks.

In closing I want every potential client to understand something that I feel is extremely important in the way lessons are presented currently. With YouTube being a vast ocean of material it’s incredibly easy to drown yourself. There’s almost TOO MUCH information out there that creates the situation where you, as a guitarists, have no idea of what you’re doing or where to go. You WANT to get better but don’t know HOW. Take the gamble with private lessons? It works when you find the right teacher but fails miserably when you spend months and months throwing away money and time on people you just don’t click with. We’ve created the path for you. Everything we offer is highly-structured as the foundation for concepts that we will be adding in the near future. We’ve dug out the basement and poured the concrete. Let us help YOU build that house.

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