The Hipster Jazz

Be the Kool Kat with jazz chords.

Jazz originated in the African-American community of New Orleans during the early to mid 1900’s from blues and ragtime music popular during the time. It is considered to be one of America’s greatest cultural achievements and its unique sound plays on human experience, emotion, and creativity. Jazz played a role in significant paradigm shifts during the early 20th century, including the roaring twenties, women’s liberation, and a change in attitudes towards African Americans.

Today, the influence of jazz is far reaching in modern music. It’s rich in harmonic information, utilizing the full spectrum of the diatonic harmony and non-diatonic realm, helping students understand how chords and chord progressions are built. It’s complex harmonies range from slow to fast and the fundamental music language is hard to ignore. For those wishing to improve their overall playing and get a better grip on instrument fundamentals, the Hipster Jazz lesson is a great place to start.

Learn how to play the sounds used by John Mayer, Neil Young, James Taylor, Boz Scaggs, and Bill Withers.

Building on a Solid Foundation

Once you’ve completed the Crazy Mo Essentials, you’ll want to start with our Foundation Series, which is included in every genre purchase. In these videos, we teach you the foundations you need to successfully master the genre series, and each genre series will build off of skills you learn in Foundation 1 and Foundation 2. After completing Foundation 1 and 2, you’ll be able to play guitar in any key and connect the six main chords to the six barre chords.

Foundation 1: Root 6 Major scale and chord relationships

  • VIDEO 1: Root 6 Major Scale with Chords
  • VIDEO 2: Connecting Chords and Scales
  • VIDEO 3: Chord Progressions

Foundation 2: Root 5 Major scale with chords as well as Minor Scales

  • VIDEO 1: Root 5 Major Scale with Chords
  • VIDEO 2: Combining Root 6 and Root 5
  • VIDEO 3: Major and Minor Scales

Included in this Series

  • Foundation 1 and Foundation 2 videos
  • Downloadable PDF with all the chords
  • Video 1: Major 7th, Minor 7th, and dominant 7th chord conversion
  • Video 2: Introducing the minor 7b5 chord and major scale relationships, essential chord progressions to master
  • Video 3: Linking chords from root 6 and root 5 major scales using octaves

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