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Be Mo’ Better with Blues Chords and Minor Pentatonic Scales

The blues is one of the oldest and most foundational structures of music today. Rooted in African-American history, the blues originated in southern plantations in the 19th century from slaves. The music evolved from African spirituals, chants, work songs, field hollers, drum music, and revivalist hymns to set the stage for modern day music.

Blues are perhaps the most essential song form to learn for any developing musician. As one of the oldest musical forms, blues techniques are used across the board in modern day rock, pop, and country songs. The minor pentatonic scale, for example, is one the most important scales in western music. Once mastered, it can be applied to almost any genre of music. In fact, most of the solos you hear in rock, country, and heavy metal are all based on the minor pentatonic scale.

In this series, we’ll demonstrate how to master blues techniques, including minor pentatonic scales and the traditional 12 bar blues.

Learn how to play the sounds used by Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix.

A Little Taste of What You'll Get...

Building on a Solid Foundation

Once you’ve completed the Crazy Mo Essentials, you’ll want to start with our Foundation Series, which is included in every genre purchase. In these videos, we teach you the foundations you need to successfully master the genre series, and each genre series will build off of skills you learn in Foundation 1 and Foundation 2. After completing Foundation 1 and 2, you’ll be able to play guitar in any key and connect the six main chords to the six barre chords.

Foundation 1: Root 6 Major scale and chord relationships

  • VIDEO 1: Root 6 Major Scale with Chords
  • VIDEO 2: Connecting Chords and Scales
  • VIDEO 3: Chord Progressions

Foundation 2: Root 5 Major scale with chords as well as Minor Scales

  • VIDEO 1: Root 5 Major Scale with Chords
  • VIDEO 2: Combining Root 6 and Root 5
  • VIDEO 3: Major and Minor Scales

Included in this Series

  • Foundation 1 and Foundation 2 videos
  • Downloadable PDF with all the chords
  • Video 1: Breaking the rules with the dominant 7th chord
  • Video 2: Position jumping between root 6 and root 5 blues chords
  • Video 3: How to mix scales and chords in blues

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