About Matt

Hello future guitar player!

I’m Matt Quistorf, and I help guitar students reach their musical goals in as little time as possible.

My passion is simple but my methods are unique. I crafted my teaching approach around the hundreds of studio and writing sessions I have been a part of, dissecting the musical genius into bite-sized lessons to help my students not only learn guitar, but understand it.

I have been teaching all levels and styles of guitar for over 26 years. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be recognized for my musical talent on a national and international scale. I’ve been performing in Rochester, New York since the mid 90s and am a proud member of Hall Pass, Rochester’s premiere 80s cover band.

I started Crazy Mo because I had so many students who had been lost in the dark abyss of YouTube guitar videos. After a year or two of trying to teach themselves guitar, they realized they hadn’t learned anything about their instrument. They could strum a few chords, play a few songs, but the random assortment of videos left them with no clear path to growth. Crazy Mo was born to challenge that idea – that you can teach yourself guitar if you have the right foundation. My videos are designed to give musicians a proven path to success.

I hope you stick around for awhile and check out the great content available on Crazy Mo. I’ve put my decades of experience playing and teaching into the Crazy Mo experience and have seen my students grow and mature into phenomenal guitar players. You can do the same!

My Method

“Can you teach me to play like Jimi Hendrix?” “Can you teach me how to play ‘Superstition?’”

These are the questions I hear as a guitar teacher on a daily basis. The problem with learning guitar song by song is you become what I call a “campfire player.” You can jam out to the few songs you know and impress your friends, but you have no idea what you’re doing or why it works. Every time you learn a new song, that’s all you’re doing. Think of the millions of songs you could learn to play. Going song by song limits your growth and doesn’t allow for any creative flexibility, which is what true guitarists consider to be the most enjoyable part about their instrument.

Have you ever seen a guitar player go rogue and play a lick made up on the spot and it sounds incredible? That’s not as hard as it looks, it just requires a little foundation and music theory (which is a lot more fun than it sounds – I promise!).

All art forms have classical structures artists use as launching points for their composition. Playwrights write plays with a beginning, middle, and end. The tango dance has steps that differ from the foxtrot dance. A painting must meet certain criteria to be an abstract painting or an impressionist one. The same principle holds true with music. Each genre has a structure, a formula behind the notes. That’s why genres exist – they share similar frameworks. That framework, or music theory, is the basis of the Crazy Mo lessons.

Learn it. See it. Play it. I give you the tools to take what’s on paper, visualize it on the fretboard, and be able to apply it. Your journey begins with a strong understanding of the foundation behind the music, or the music theory. Don’t worry, there is no busy work. Every single thing you learn is applied in the music to give you complete control over the fretboard. Crazy Mo takes the fear of music theory by empowering players to visualize the concepts instead of being shackled to pages of text. Through a combination of chords and scales, anyone who puts in the work can become both a lead and rhythm guitarist with the ability to play in any key. My goal is to educate guitarists using an entirely new method of learning that is engaging, rewarding, and most importantly, fun.

Learn it, See it, Play it

Our approach to teaching is unique. Our motto, “learn it, see it, play it,” pays tribute to our highly developed and successful method. We first teach the theory, the “why” it works. We then show you the methods to use, clearly demonstrating finger placement, hand movement, and more, so that you can “see it” in action. Knowledge and visualization are then married into application, and students walk away being able to play guitar. Simple as that.

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