Learn it. See it. Play it.

Choose Your Path From Four Genres

Starting with the foundations, each genre you choose will take you through a musical journey. We turn music theory upside down and use a unique teaching method to take you to your guitar goals in as little time as possible.

Crazy Mo Blues

Be Mo’ Better with Blues Chords and Minor Pentatonic Scales. In this series, we’ll demonstrate how to master blues techniques, including minor pentatonic scales and the traditional 12 bar blues.

Mo’s Minor Blues

Learn how to make the guitar cry through the harmonized minor scale.

The Hipster Jazz

Be the Kool Kat with jazz chords. For those wishing to improve their overall playing and get a better grip on instrument fundamentals and chord progressions, the Hipster Jazz lesson is a great place to start.

Kreative Kat Songwriting

Learn how chords relate in keys while adding in your own style to create unique progressions and melodies in ambient, metal, rock, pop, and acoustic music.

How My Lessons Are Different and Why They Work

Sick of the YouTube sea of endless videos? Yeah, me too.

My lessons are foundational, meaning you not only learn how to play guitar, but you learn the why behind it. You learn how to improvise. You learn how to write your own songs. You learn how to play in any genre you choose.

The foundation I teach isn’t new – it’s been around since the guitar was invented – but my methods are. Our motto, Learn It, See It, Play It, is a reflection of how Crazy Mo works. First, you’ll learn the foundation and the reason why certain notes and chords sound good together. Then, you’ll watch me play it in an easy-to-follow manner. In no time at all, you’ll be on your way to guitar super-stardom.

Learn Guitar No Matter What!

  • Easy to follow lessons
  • Guided PDFs
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lessons by skill level and genre
  • Professional instructor

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